Property Investment – Paragon Residential


London is known around the world for being an international base for foreign residents and landlords alike. The property market responds to the global markets as do we in all our searches for the perfect home or investment, in fact these two walk hand in hand.

Global politics and financial markets are often crucial factors, which may have an impact on the pricing and areas of consideration. Markets rise and fall, therefore in order to reduce risk when buying in London, expertise and guidance are an essential aspect to making the investment worth your while.

With 25 years of experience in the property industry and a thorough understanding of the London property market, the Paragon team offers a tailored service for clients looking either for a temporary rental home, or a long-term home.

As purchasing a property must be a sound investment, it often requires a project management to add further value to the property and create an ideal living space. Thanks to contacts built in the industry over the years, Paragon provides a turn key service including purchase, renovation and interior design through to project completion, producing immediate returns on your investment whilst creating a luxury base within the prime areas of London.

If you are looking for someone with a vast range of skills and knowledge about property investments, please contact the Infinity team on