Tikva UK Annual Gala Dinner


It is the second time we have the pleasure to support Tikva UK Annual Gala Dinner.

Since 1995, Tikva has saved over 2,000 children from living a life on the streets or in State institutions, or worse; offering them the opportunity for a new beginning in a loving and supportive Jewish community. Over 1,000 additional children from poverty-stricken homes have benefited from Tikva’s private Jewish school system, cultural activities and essential social services.

Tikva’s Annual Dinner is taking place on Thursday 4th May 2017, at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel. We are asking for your support by placing an advert in our prestigious Dinner brochure, which is given to over 300 guests at and surrounding the event. Please find an order form enclosed.

This year, we want to show you just how important your role is in changing the lives of our children. Our theme for 2017 is ‘Write My Story’, and this truly reflects the potential that we hold in ensuring that we change the course of these children’s lives for the better.