Yacht Investment – Sovren House Group & Maha Club


High net worth sharing economy

Superyachts are much more than just well-equipped luxury boats for elite. They are a passion and a quest for ultimate freedom. However, managing a superyacht calls for the quote: there are two great days in the life of owning a yacht… the day you buy it and mostly the day you sell it!

With the average superyacht owner spending around six weeks a year on board their superyacht, and associated costs of ownership growing every year, it is understandable that for some people it might be hard to justify buying a yacht over chartering.

This is why we needed to wait for Stephen White, Maha Yacht Club founder, himself a former superyacht captain to spot a clear market opportunity to create a solution that bridges the gap between ownership and charter. Stephen created Sovren House Group in 2013 to cover all requirements that a yachting client may have. From crew placement and training to berthing and agency.


Time on a yacht vs cost of a yacht

An exclusive membership for members to own four weeks a year on board one of their fleet of six yet-to-be-built custom 36 metre Feadships. An invitation only concept capping its members to 60 worldwide to maintain the exclusivity to navigate five great destinations including Monaco, Ibiza, The Bahamas, Phuket and Bali.

Members can simply travel directly to the port to  enjoy their time on board and every time they use their membership they have the same ultra-high quality of yacht and hospitality on board.

Memberships are still available, for more details please contact Infinity Team at patricia@infinitywealth.world


Exceptional offer for Infinity clients to secure an Ibizan berth at special terms

As Ibiza has been growing in popularity for the last couple of years, leaving far behind other destinations, it soon became the trendiest superyacht destination in Europe, attracting not only ultra-high net worth individuals, but also members or royal families and Hollywood stars. It is called the jewel in the crown of the West Mediterranean for a reason. Following that opportunity Sovren Ibiza is developing a new marina with a capacity to cater for yachts up to 185 metres. It will launch in June and berths are available for long and short term rental.

For details and preferential rates please contact Infinity Team at patricia@infinitywealth.world